After You Apply
  • What’s Next? Orientation!

    Prepare for class by taking our MANDATORY Orientation. Running through this checklist before course registration will help set you up for a successful learning experience:

    1. Prepare for Online Learning
      Review the skillset checklist [350PDF] to ensure that you understand what skills and characteristics lead to success in online programs.
    2. Computer & Browser Requirements
      Make sure that the computer you will be using meets the minimum technical requirements [400K PDF] for OS, processing speed, browser compatibility + other settings.
    3. Getting to Graduation
      Review degree requirements to help you stay on track and ensure that you’ll be able to maintain your projected graduation date.
    4. Advising
      Your academic & financial advisor will help you manage the academic and financial process.
    5. Library Services
      How our library services can help you study.
    6. Bookstore
      How to order books.
    7. ulearn
      In your first term, you’ll automatically be enrolled in a ulearn orientation course where you’ll be able to practice reviewing content, submitting an assignment, participating in a discussion forum and taking an online exam.
      Note: You can submit the Orientation Review Form without completing this step.

    Once you’ve reviewed the checklist, submit the Orientation Review Form.