Returning Students

Returning Students

Are you a former JWU student who’s ready to reenroll with our College of Online Education? Here, you’ll find everything you need to reapply and start working toward the next chapter in your education.

Whether you’re reapplying or changing your student status, the information on this page will help make the process as smooth as possible.

Students seeking “readmission”

You are considered a readmitted student if:

  • You previously attended JWU and have not been enrolled in classes in over a year.

It’s important to note that readmittance requests are subject to space availability. Following a completed review, you will receive email notification regarding your request for readmittance to JWU.

When to submit

Readmit forms can be requested as early as seven months prior to your planned start date.

Fill out the form

Readmittance request form

Additional readmittance criteria

Readmittance requests must satisfy the additional criteria, described below:

  • Any readmittance to the university is subject to the university’s current admissions requirements.
  • Students may not request readmittance into a major or program that has been discontinued.
  • Students seeking readmittance after academic suspension must include documentation in their request that indicates improvement in areas of deficiency. A decision will be determined by the university’s Committee on Academic Standing.
  • Readmittance after student conduct dismissal must be reviewed and approved by the Dean of Students.
  • Students seeking readmittance after a medical withdrawal must forward medical clearance to the Health Services office.
  • Students seeking readmittance after a director of Student Counseling-approved medical leave must forward medical clearance to the Student Counseling Center.
  • Undergraduate students requesting readmittance after attending another institution must meet residency requirements to be eligible for an undergraduate degree. Students must submit an official college transcript within the first term of their readmittance in order for the university to review transfer credit. Transfer credit will not be awarded to any student who took classes elsewhere during a period of disciplinary suspension from JWU.

If approved, you will be:

  • Reenrolled as a JWU student and will be personally assisted by your online academic advisor
  • Assessed the current tuition rate
  • Responsible for any changes to your program of study that may have occurred in your absence

NOTE: If the break in enrollment exceeds one year or more, your program of study may follow the requirements as listed in the current year catalog.

Students seeking “campus transfer”

You’re considered a campus transfer student if:

  • You are currently enrolled in an on-campus program that is also offered online
  • You attended the previous fall term and are returning for the upcoming winter, spring or summer term
  • You attended the previous spring or summer term and are returning for the upcoming fall term

Contact Student Academic Services at your home campus to begin the campus transfer process. If you have specific questions, please contact Online Student Services: 401-598-5140 or

Still have questions?

Don’t hesitate to contact our admissions staff at any point during the application process. You can also reach us at 1.855.236.8492 or