14 of the BEST Productivity Apps to Keep You on Track

14 of the BEST Productivity Apps to Keep You on Track

14 of the BEST Productivity Apps to Keep You on Track banner

Productivity is a personal thing. How we approach tasks and complete them can come down to our lifestyle, how our brains operate, and the time that we have available to us.

The rise of technology and the incorporation of the internet into basically everything has made it easier than ever to find productivity tools that can enhance our lives and improve our professional and personal outcomes. From the smartphone in the palm of our hand to the personal tablet we use for relaxation, productivity tools can be more accessible than you may realize.

With so many amazing tools available to help you get your work done, we decided to highlight a few of the best productivity apps on the market. 

What Are Productivity Apps?

Productivity applications, otherwise known as productivity software, is an umbrella term for applications and tools that help us accomplish our goals. While many productivity tools are geared toward helping us accomplish personal tasks, many businesses and professional settings use them to uplift their roster of workers.

Generic productivity tools include Microsoft Office and Google Docs, but they cover a whole swathe of different functions. 

Why Use Productivity Apps?

There are many reasons to consider using productivity applications. Whether you want to limit your exposure to social media or polish your note-taking, the right productivity apps can enhance your work and improve your operational outcomes.

Here are a few reasons to consider using productivity applications for your Android or iOS devices.

  • Improved Efficiency – Automate tasks and stay ahead of schedule by improving overall efficiency.
  • Improved Accuracy – Automated features can reduce or outright eliminate common clerical errors.
  • More Flexibility – Productivity apps handle data and automate systems so that you can focus on your goals.
  • Collaboration – Connect with colleagues and clients seamlessly to collaborate on your productivity platform of choice. 

Showcase of the Best Productivity Apps

A publication by the research team at Statista revealed that the productivity application marketplace is slated to show an expected revenue annual growth rate of 2.73 percent from 2024 to 2028. This rapidly growing marketplace shows that there is considerable consumer interest in the right productivity application.

Let’s explore some of the best productivity apps and project management tools available. 

1.Trello – Organize and Manage Tasks

Whether you are seeking higher education or are merely looking to organize tasks in the workplace, you’ll find Trello to be a wonderful addition to your tool set.

Trello is a piece of Kanban software that utilizes card-based systems to provide visual structure as well as to help monitor work progress. Trello’s boards are great for collaboration and are easy to work with, even for novice users. 

2.Evernote – Notetaking and Archiving

Evernote is available for both iOS and Android systems. This cloud-based piece of note-taking software allows users to craft the ultimate to-do list while managing documents, photos and annotations. Evernote provides a free plan as well as a paid plan for advanced storage features. 

3.Todoist – Task Management

If you have a lot on your plate, it can lead to multiple to-do lists. Todoist takes this common problem and makes it easier than ever to organize all your to-do lists into an easy-to-access application. Todoist is open to collaboration and a built-in timer allows you to stay on track.

Shared to-do lists are a great way to tackle larger tasks, especially when it comes to group assignments or shared projects. 

4.Slack – Team Communication

Are you tired of trying to communicate by email when it comes to time-sensitive issues? If time is of the essence, fire up your Slack application for the best non-browser-based group messaging application around.

Slack offers free accounts with paid features available. Group conversations, instant messaging and channel management are all possible in the Slack application, making it a great tool for school or the workplace. 

5.Asana – Project Management

Asana is the ultimate collaboration and communication application on our list. Asana offers quick and convenient access to lists, task-tracking tools and timelines. Collaboration is integral to this piece of software, as users can assign tasks, request comments and dole out requests.

Asana also utilizes the Kanban board visualization method, making it a great tool for visual learners. 

6.RescueTime – Time Management

Part of figuring out how to be productive is figuring out what’s getting in the way. RescueTime is a habit tracker and analyzer that tells us exactly where we are wasting our time. You can download this software from your browser, and it will run quietly in the background. RescueTime will analyze where you are burning the majority of your time during the day. RescueTime is free to use and allows for advanced custom user settings. 

7.Google Drive – Storage and Collaboration

Few companies in the modern world understand seamless integration as well as Google. Google Drive is a crowning piece of productivity software for individuals working in and around computers. Ideal for students constantly working with and transferring information, Google Drive gives users 15GB of free storage with an easy-to-use interface that allows you to share documents with anyone with a Google account. Drive also offers advanced customizability with other Microsoft suite tools. Accessible from your browser, Google Drive can help keep you on point even when you are away from your home computer. 

8.MindMeister – Mindmapping and Brainstorming

We all think in different ways, and that means that we need customizable approaches to mapping our thoughts. MindMeister is a digital mind mapping tool ideal for business solutions and student visualization. MindMeister gives users the tools that they need to map out thoughts and ideas while adding visual appeal with color, style and advanced formatting.

9.Notion – All-In-One Workspace

Notion offers students a roadmap to success as it helps with some of the most common problems we face: prioritizing tasks, sticking to our to-do lists, and adhering to a collaborative environment.

Notion allows users to visually map out projects so that groups and individuals can collaboratively ideate in real time. Notion offers a full Wiki and flexible Kanban boards so that everyone can work from the same source of information. 

10.Zapier – Workflow Automation

Zapier is an online tool that runs from your browser. Automating between apps and services, Zapier takes some of the work out of your workflow, automating tasks so that you can sit back and relax.

Zapier is a highly flexible tool that can be used to great effect depending on the circumstances of the user. An individual selling paintings, for example, can use Zapier to fulfill orders, add individuals to mailing lists, and reach out with a confirmation message. 

11.Forest – Focus Enhancer

In today’s digitally driven world, it is easier than ever to get distracted. Forest is an application that helps us calm our chaotic thoughts and focus until we have reached a state of mindfulness.

Forest is an application with a nature-themed visualization that allows users to grow their tree by not touching their phone. When the phone is disturbed, the tree dies. Trees that reach full growth are added to a large forest.

Forest is an excellent visual tracker of productivity that lets us focus while rewarding us for doing it at the same time. 

12.LastPass – Password Management

LastPass is a piece of legacy software that has been part and parcel of the online experience for over a decade. With so many websites demanding access, you will need a safe place to secure and store all your passwords. LastPass encrypts your passwords for safe storage while acting as one of the best password managers on the web.

You can seamlessly share passwords with other users in a collaborative environment while retaining the privacy of your personal passwords. 

13.Pocket – Save and Consume Content Later

Whether you are a student or an entrepreneur looking to carve out a slice of the working world for yourself, paying attention to the news is of the utmost importance. What do you do when there is too much to consume?

Pocket is an application that allows users to document and save content for later perusal. Whether you want to read an article or watch a video, the click of a button will send the content to a library for you to access later. Users can highlight sections they find interesting or important and review their highlights later, making it a great studying tool. 

14.Google Calendar – Calendar and Scheduling

Are you trying to juggle classes while maintaining a regular working schedule? Google Calendar can help keep you on track by slicing up your schedule into an accessible, automated and alarm-enabled system.

Google Calendar offers a visual setting wherein users can make edits and customize the platform to fit their needs. Available via browser, Google Calendar integrates with third-party software and applications so that you are always kept abreast of your schedule and deadlines. 

The Future: Predictions for Productivity Apps

Multiple studies and reports showcase how quickly and large the productivity software market is becoming. The same report by Statista previously mentioned suggests that the productivity software market will reach a value of $79.07 billion in 2024.

With so much going on regarding technology and daily integration, we expect productivity applications to continue playing a significant role in how we approach our daily tasks and activities. With further reliance on the Internet of Things and an increasingly digitized world, productivity apps and digital platforms are here to stay. 

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