6 Skills Employers Want Most in 2020

6 Skills Employers Want Most in 2020

6 Skills Employers Want Most in 2020 banner

Would you be surprised to learn that nearly 7 in 10 employers reported talent shortages last year?

While it may come as a shock, it’s actually good news for job seekers, particularly if they can bring some of the most in-demand job skills to the table. Here are some of the skills employers are looking to hire for in 2020:

1. Blockchain Know-how

A year ago, talks of Bitcoin and cryptocurrency were at an all-time high, and while buzz around the topic has quieted, the technology behind crypto is still going strong. Banks, retailers, lenders and even e-commerce brands are exploring the way blockchain, a system that digtitally secures and transfers automated data, can be used profitably. Blockchain can be integrated with a number of emerging technologies, including vision systems, machine learning and IoT, making it a hot skill to have in any field. According to one report it is believed that the global market for blockchains will be worth $20 million by 2024.

2. Network Security

With our lives becoming increasingly connected to the devices we use each day, the need for network security is also on the rise. Ransomware, phishing attempts, and other malicious actions threaten not just big brands but our personal communities too. From a local lawyer’s office to schools, hospitals, and retailers, robust network security is needed at all levels. Someone with practical network security skills can find employment anywhere, protecting organizations from harm and securing data. According to the US Bureau of Labor, careers in this field are expected to rise 32% by 2028.

3. Marketing Savvy

Brands are more competitive than ever before, and marketing budgets are constantly growing. In fact, companies aren’t shy to shell out large amounts of money on marketing. In 2018 it was reported that businesses spent over $12.3 billion on marketing efforts. The explosive growth of social media means that brands can no longer ignore platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter—great news for grads of marketing programs. With the right digital marketing degree, you’ll gain the skills needed to help organizations increase revenues and better connect with customers. From reading and understanding analytics to launching creative campaigns and working with product teams, a digital marketing degree can help you acquire this in-demand set of job skills.

4. Creative Skills

Everyday despite the industry, workers are faced with unique problems which has created a high demand for out-of-the-box thinkers. According to the New York Post, some of the most in-demand job skills in 2020 revolve around creativity. From coming up with creative ways to solve problems and move projects forward to specific skills like photography, copywriting, and graphic design, creative support is needed in all fields.

5. Data Analytics

Brands today are collecting more data than ever before—so much data, in fact, that it can be challenging to actually analyze and work with it. Data analysis is essential, though, so an employee skilled in this field is expected to be in hot demand in the coming decade. In fact the US Bureau of Labor projects that careers in data analytics will grow 26% by 2028. Businesses use data to position their brand for marketing purposes, to determine what products or services are needed in the marketplace and to effectively target customers.

Not everyone who uses data sells a physical, tangible product. Banks and finance companies use data to assess risk; insurers and other brands do so, as well. In the healthcare industry, big data is used to understand and improve population health and to help identify and target at risk groups. The ability to finesse and work with data is one of the most in-demand job skills for 2020, and one that has significant possibilities in many fields. A degree in data analytics can open many doors and help you take advantage of the rapidly growing need for this skill.

6. Computer Science

From managing a team of IT professionals to problem-solving and creating software, computer science know-how and skills continue to be in strong demand. This trend is not expected to change: According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, computer science is expected to see a whopping 16% in job growth over the next decade. This puts this skill into the ‘very fast growth’ category, and at the top of the list for skills to learn in 2020.

Because a computer science degree exposes you to many different aspects of technology, the career possibilities are almost limitless. With a degree in computer science, you can go into development, help individual businesses achieve their goals, and protect important data. Virtually every company in the world relies on computers, software and technology to run efficiently, making computer skills one of the most in-demand job skills in 2020 and beyond.

If you want to improve your career outlook by building the skills employers are looking for, learn more about our degree programs. For more information, complete the “Request Info” form on this page, call 855-JWU-1881, or email [email protected].

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