Announcing The Spring 2024 Dean’s List

Announcing The Spring 2024 Dean’s List

Announcing The Spring 2024 Dean’s List banner

JWU College of Professional Studies is proud to announce the full-time online undergraduate students who have demonstrated academic excellence during the Spring 2024 semester and have met the requirements of the Dean’s List.

JWU on-campus and online undergraduate students meet the same requirements for the Dean’s List. CPS students, who are working and raising families are especially challenged to cultivate self-discipline, time management skills and the ability to pivot quickly to meet their always-changing work and life situations. While the Dean’s List recognizes academic achievement, it also attests to the strength of character and commitment of the CPS students who excel in their studies.

JWU CPS faculty and advisors and our many online resources offer abundant support to online students. We look forward to assisting all CPS students who aspire to achieve academic excellence in being named to next semester’s Dean’s List.


Greetings Scholars,

I am excited to announce and congratulate each of you for earning a place on the Dean’s List this semester. Your dedication, hard work, and commitment to academic achievement sets you apart as outstanding members of our academic community.

This accomplishment is a testament to your resolution and intellectual curiosity. I encourage you to take pride in your achievement and continue to strive for excellence in your academic and personal pursuits.

Congratulations, Wildcats!

Spring 2024 CPS Dean’s List Students

Xander Aguilar
Paulina Almaguer
Vivienne Almeida
Yasmin Almonla
Maria Alvarado
Jesus Alvarez
Nicole Arcouette
Marie Armand
Ali Army-Lussier
Zorian Askew
Aaron Banks
Michelle Banks
Shayvonta Banner
Anthony Barnes
Lexi Barr
Mackenzie Barrows
Regina Bass
Danielle Bautista
Elise Bechtel
Stephanie Beeching
Alyssa Belanger
Natasha Belizaire
Matthew Bergantino
Jack Bernier
Lea Bey
Lucy Bina
Melanie Blaski
Todd Bledsoe
Matt Boatwright
Brandie Bowling
Madison Bowling
Arianna Boxman
Keith Bremer
Brandon Brittain
Morganne Browning
Taki Bruinsma
Matt Byrd
Eri Cabreja
Fernanda Caliz
Joelle Camara
Stacy Campos
Jacki Carell
Iveliss Casey
Eric Castrop
Jess Charbonier
Shelbi Colella
Monique Coleman
Macy Collins
Jonathan Conder
Cathern Cooke
Amber Copeland
Tommia Copeland
Savannah Cossey
Suzanne Craig
Maria Crespo
Chad Creveling
Oscar Cruz
George Davidson
Anna De Lima
Idalina De Pina Bala
Cooky Debro
Eileen Deres
Hunter DiGregorio
Mariah Donahue
James Driscoll
Monique Drouillard
Grace Egan
Kimberlee Esparza
Monyah Farley
Brett Feld
Andre Felton
Brianne Ferrick
Todd Flanagan
Katherine Forster
Amanda Forte
Juliana Francisco
Halle Friedlaender
Allie Friedman
Ashley Gagnon
Emily Garcia
Jennifer Garrett
Devin Gease
Catrina Geathers
Hannah Gebhardt-Wojcik
Andreas Georgas
Vince Gianfrancesco
Amber Gioia
Anthony Giron Bautista
Michael Goffus
Nick Golda
Kali Goldman
Ixcra Gomez
Jay Gonzalez-Mora
Zoe Gooding
Natalia Gosselin
Chelsea Graham
Kelly Greenfield
Daniel Guerrero
Olivia Hahn
Kalilah Hargrove
Christin Harris
Stephanie Harrison
Theodore Hartin
Tricia Hax
Cody Hayes
Becky Heine
Emily Henriott
John Hermes
Edgar Hernandez
Jason Hicks
Claudia Hinojosa
Latesha Holland
Jackson Horan
Amanda Howell
Ari Hunter
Ben Huntzinger
Tessa Iannucci
Stefanie Ilex
Willow Jarvis
Julia Jenkins
Natalie Jenkins
Justice Johnson
Jeff Jolly
Kenna Kardian
Starlisha Keith
Shanna Kelsch
Haley Kenny
Gabrielle King
Nicohl Kinnin
Linda Kittirath
Jaxon Kysar
Sarah Lambertus
Chad Lanfair
Chloe Lasalle
May Lau
Arthur Lawrence
Miriam Laws
Jasmine Lawson
Sydney Lawson
Cody Lee
Amber Legare
Michelle Lents
Laura Levesque
Nicole Lewellyn
Melinda Lewis
William Linehan
Erica Little
Kady Little
Fernando Lopez Bautista
Jessica Lovell
David Lundie
Aaliyah Macalpine
Daisy MacDonald
Julianna Mamakos
Felicia Manivong
Andrew Manwarren
Irene Maodza
Jenna Marler
Gianna Marlow
Courtney Martin
Micaela Martin
Kari Matlock
Jabarria McCallum
Stephanie McColgan
Sheila McCoy
Charlotte McGinness
Riley-Jo McKenna
Julie Metas
Danna Mexicano
Adriana Milko
Dylan Miller
Meredith Mills
Richard Mitchem
Carlos Omar Moise
Jetta Moore
Michael Morin
Patrick Mulvaney
Larissa Munoz
Charlyse Myhand-Mcdaniel
Juan Natal Quiles
Shaliyah Nick
Zachary Nixon
Fatima Nkata
Catherine Ogisu
Nessie O’Neil
Dasan Orlich
Kyle Osting
Emily Otero
Jen Paquin
Jeremiah Parnell
Lacey Parsons
Jeff Patton
Tara Pelletier
Leigha Pettway
Alex Pine
John Pires
Maggi Polk
Taysha Pontes
Tyler Power
Anutep Purmont
Melissa Quinones
Betsy Ramirez
Delaney Ray
April Reyes
Stefany Rivera
Lauren Roberts
Eve Rodriguez
Hector Rodriguez
Jessi Roegiers
Frederick Rutt
Shamir Sampson
Joshua Sandine
Yeudy Santana
Julia Santilli
Shane Sawyer
Maryem Senderland
Kate Silverman
Tess Singer
Carla Sirois
Jordan Smith
Kelsey Smith
Lakaia Smith
Latika Smith
Nyasia Spearman
Burtrina Spencer
Autumn Spicer
Jalen Steele
Brittney Stidfole
Brady Storch
Kayla Strong
Quinn Stutsman
Makayla Syphrit
Mike Taranto
Karyl Taylor
Sarah Taylor
Steven Taylor
Alexa Thomas
Faith Thomas
Dylan Thompson
Jennifer Tiner
Judy Tixi
Sandi Todd
Stephen Tolbert
Yahaira Torres Ramos
Mayura Tuot
Veronicka Vega
Loraine Velez
Christopher Ventura
Emily Villa
Katie Wagner
Isabel Wallace
Ams Walter
Niejia Watkins
Anna Wauchope
Sarah Weaver
Kayla Wesley
Jacob Westra
Molly White
Amanda Whitehurst
Stephen Whittemore
Akeel Williams
Brittne Williams
Jamie Williamson
Tyler Wilson
Hannah Wyman

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