Upgrades and Add-Ons: 4 Ways to Boost Your Business at the Point of Sale

Upgrades and Add-Ons: 4 Ways to Boost Your Business at the Point of Sale

Upgrades and Add-Ons: 4 Ways to Boost Your Business at the Point of Sale banner

Businesses seeking growth often look to add-ons to help increase their average ticket sales. On a drive through of your favorite burger joint, you’ve probably heard, “Would you like fries with that?” In how many other situations have you been asked if you would like to add an item or make an upgrade?

If you have not considered how you can maximize sales for your own business, there is no time like the present to begin. Here are four ways you can grow your business at the point of sale:

1. Identify products or services that add value to your sales items

What products and services do you have that can accompany your main sales items? You can add on to anything: donuts and coffee; burgers and fries; dinner and dessert; computers and software; logos and identity material; photos and frames; tax returns and accounting counsel; shirts and ties; blouses and scarves; cameras and batteries. The list goes on and on. Make sure to analyze the items you sell and focus on areas in which you hope to increase sales.

2. Consider upgrades

Are there upgrade sales or packages that you can suggest for items and services you sell? A customer asking for a point and shoot camera might be interested in a higher priced item with more features if it is available. How would you know? Ask customers about their needs and be prepared to make a suggestion. Make sure to analyze your products and services so you and your staff can articulate the differences between camera A and camera B before you step into your sales role.

3. Write a script

Once you have identified add-ons or upgrades, write a simple sales script for each item. Your script should add value to justify the additional expense of the upgrade. Identify the features, functions, and benefits of your add-on or upgrade and practice your delivery of that information. Your sales delivery should sound natural, and if you have command of your product and service knowledge, it will.

4. Ask questions during the process

Some add-ons and upgrades are easier to sell than others, but you still need to ask customers about them.

“Would you like to order an appetizer?”

“Can I suggest a dessert for you?”

“This camera takes AA batteries; would you like to purchase those today?”

Other add-ons and upgrades will require a bit more knowledge of your customer’s desires and needs to provide the best match. Ask open-ended questions to learn more about why the customer is attracted to a specific product or service, how the customer expects to use a product, what features a customer is looking for in a product, or the benefits they are looking for in a service package. How can you help your customer meet their requirements? Be prepared to offer the best solution! Make sure you know why one product might be a better fit over another. Asking questions about what the customer needs could also suggest additional add-ons that can improve the customer’s experience with the main purchase.

With a little forethought, product and sales training, and effort, you could soon be adding much more to your bottom line!

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