Five Ways to Beat College ‘Senioritis’

Five Ways to Beat College ‘Senioritis’

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When people think of “senioritis,” they commonly think of seniors in high school right after they are done taking their ACTs or SATs and applying to college. They start to get tired and lazy—they don’t want to write any more essays or do homework.

Really, high school seniors aren’t the only ones who experience this feeling. “Senioritis” is just as real for seniors in college. And the good news is: if this is how you feel, you don’t need to suffer! Here are five tips for beating college senioritis and pushing through your final term of academics.

1. Stay organized even when your head is a mess.

During your final year of college, your desk is going to be filled to the brim with stacks of paper, your web browser will have 15 tabs open, and your mind will be jumping from task to task trying to figure out which is the most important. By keeping your surroundings organized, you can help calm yourself down and organize the chaos that is happening inside your head.

2. Focus your energy on inner motivation.

In times of intense stress, we tend to focus our energy on what can go wrong. But instead, focus your energy on what motivates you. How you end your college career is important because you will likely carry that same energy and motivation over into your professional experiences. End college on a good note, and start the next chapter of your life on a good one too.

3. Be optimistic and realistic.

Be proud of yourself and all that you accomplished during your time at college, but also understand your strengths and weaknesses when entering the workforce. Use your strengths to the best of your abilities and be realistic in your job search.

4. Don’t limit yourself.

Oftentime, graduating students will look for one specific job title in one specific location. This can be tiring and add more to the end-of-college stress you’re already feeling. But don’t forget that now is the time to take a chance and explore a new location or industry. Don’t stray away from opportunities that may be just what you are looking for—get excited!

5. Remember that you are the most important.

You did it! You are graduating college and now have a new tool in your toolbox to help you in your future professional endeavours. Give yourself a pat on the back, and be proud. Remember to take moments for yourself and your mental health as your time as a college student comes to an end. Think about all that you have accomplished, the connections you have made, and the exciting future that is coming up fast.

Ultimately, there is a lot to think about when it comes to graduating college. A lot of mixed emotions and changes are underway, but focusing on what is the most important will help you get through the stress you may be facing.

Best of luck on finals, Wildcats!