Giving Thanks: Who Inspired You to Pursue Your Academic Goals?

Giving Thanks: Who Inspired You to Pursue Your Academic Goals?

Giving Thanks: Who Inspired You to Pursue Your Academic Goals? banner

With the Thanksgiving holiday right around the corner, we wanted to know who motivated our JWU College of Online Education students to start working toward their goals. This year, we asked our students:

Who has inspired or encouraged you to pursue your academic goals?

“My employer has encouraged me! It is a great comfort to know that your employer has faith in you to pursue your educational goals.”
Vee McCromick ‘20, Hospitality Management

“I started JWU COE in my junior year. From the very beginning, Mr. Michael O’Malley (academic advisor) has been there. Between quick email responses to phone meetings, he has helped with any and every situation. In my personal opinion he has gone above and beyond. I am so grateful for all he has done for me. Thank you!”
Nikki Reeves ’17, Food Service Management

“My wife, Kara, has provided all the support I could ask for while pursuing my MBA. My children, Francesca and Eloise, have been perfect ‘cheerleaders’, keeping me motivated when things were most challenging. Lastly, my parents, who instilled a ‘no-quit’ attitude in me during my formative years, deserve thanks as well.”
Dante Nicastro ‘16, MBA – Hospitality

“I would like to thank my wife for standing strong by my side during this difficult time in the last three years. My wife has and continues to support and encourage me through not only the difficult times but the easy times as well. I am doing this for her as well as our children so not only do they have goals set to achieve but someone to look up to as they go through school. I will be the first person in my extended family, as well as my wife’s extended family, who has pursued and will achieve an MBA. God Bless.”
Jason Darnell ‘17, MBA

“My significant other inspired me to pursue my academic goals. He is very supportive of my dreams and aspirations.”
Ashley Raymond ‘18, MS – Human Resources Management

“I would like to take this opportunity to thank Karen Silva and Michael Sabitoni for both inspiring and encouraging me to pursue my graduate degree. Had it not been for their motivation and engagement, I do not think I would have ever initiated the process and I am so sincerely thankful for their support. To Karen & Michael, you two are the best – God Bless!”
Frank Capasa ‘19, MS – Hospitality Management

“My wife, Andrea has inspired me to pursue my academic goals. My first year at JWU was in 2007, I ran into a few of life’s obstacles and left school in 2009. During that time frame of being out of school, I found myself sidetracked to say the least. In 2014, she gave me the courage to reenroll. Here it is almost 2017 and I will finally be completing my degree. I thank Andrea with every breath for believing in my potential. When you have someone that believes in you and pushes you to not be complacent with life, the impossible becomes possible. I always joke with her and say when I walk across the stage I’m going to tear off a corner of the degree and gift it to her.”
Shontae Palmer, Hospitality Management

“Jessica Rounds (academic advisor) has unflinchingly weathered all my storms academically but she has been highly instrumental in my personal life in terms of how to ‘bridge the two’ as seamless as possible. I have literally bombarded Jessica with so many ‘roller coaster issues’ that many others would have given up on me… I’m talking about beyond the obligatory duties as my student advisor. Jessica’s support is paramount to me staying at Johnson & Wales. Life has thrown me so many lemons since I started at Johnson & Wales that I felt compelled to give up my academic aspirations. Jessica went into overdrive to steer me back on course. You just don’t find that in many people these days and I am honored to have Jessica Rounds as a support system.”
Marc Duarte ’19, Hospitality Management

“My very sweet and amazing daughter has encouraged me to complete my MBA. She has been gracious to the needed time for assignments and has been interested in my classes that have gone with this MBA / Hospitality focus. I have wanted to show her to keep going with her education and hope to have modeled this for her. I think this has kept me going through the time, effort, and especially cost of the program. Other things have certainly presented a need for all of these competing items. Included is a picture of my high school sophomore who just found out she is ranked 1st in her class. She has encouraged me to keep going.”
Nancy Britton ’17, MBA – Hospitality

“My work that I do at Tockwotton on the Waterfront which is an assisted living facility in East Providence, RI where I am currently working. So I guess you could say that a combination of my work and my own self-motivation are the main reasons as to why I choose to purse my current academic goals. I am so thankful for my academic goals because it’s going to give me a chance to realize and do my dream job which is to become a director of food service for an assisted living/nursing home facility. I am also thankful because it will also give me a chance to reflect and chance as a person and impact and grow with others as well.”
Jack Hainsworth ’19, BS – Hospitality Management

“My boss and mentor, Dr. Jill Murray, encouraged me to go back to school. When I worried about how I could possibly manage the demands of a family, full time job, community involvement and school work, she helped me figure out a way to balance it all.”
Stephanie Decker ’16, Culinary Arts & Food Service Management

“My dad has inspired me to pursue my academic goals. He has shown me through his success of getting two master’s degrees and his success of being a top leader for Yale Medicine. I am thankful for him because no matter what I do, he is always there to support me and guide me in the right direction, he is also showing this with my three-year-old daughter who absolutely adores her papa.”
Caroline Lacy, MBA

“My mother has been my greatest supporter of my education. Although it took me years to go back to school and finish my BS last year – I did it. She encouraged me to do it, and she believed I could do great. Thanks to her, I started my MBA with a Hospitality concentration this year to achieve my ultimate goal of earning a master’s degree. Thank you so much Mom!”
Valerie Martin, MBA – Hospitality

“Stephanie Heupel – Johnson & Wales Charlotte Campus. I am forever grateful for her hospitality, patience and encouragement. Stephanie always sought the best opportunities for me as woman, as a Latina, and a leader at the Charlotte NC campus. I will never forget how good I felt just knowing she was there for me when I needed a professional’s advice not only on career and academics but just life in general. She may not know it but she holds a special place in my heart. Thank you Stephanie!”
Madelize Adames ’16, BS – Business Studies

“Thank you to the entire JWU family for your support! From the academic and financial advisors to the HR department. Thank you for always answering my questions so promptly and caring deeply for my education and career success.”
Natalia Montilla, MBA – Hospitality

We are inspired by all of you and thankful you chose JWU Online to further your education!

Happy Thanksgiving!

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