Seven Apps to Keep You on Track

Seven Apps to Keep You on Track

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Want to be more productive, organized, and responsible? You could scroll through the thousands of apps out there — or try one of our top seven picks.

Free Apps

1. Handheld File Cabinet
Evernote (iOs & Android)
This cloud-based app lets you take robust notes, annotate documents and photos, and allows 60 MB of storage each month. The basic plan, described above, is free; two higher tiers offer more storage and features.

2. Personal Accountant

Mint (iOs & Android)
Budgeting just got so much easier. Mint is a money-management app that will sync up to your bank accounts, allow you to categorize your transactions, and create budgets for groceries, entertainment, bills, and more. You can also view all your finances in one easy dashboard with Mint.

3. Family Wrangler
Cozi (iOS & Android)
Trying to keep track of your whole family? Cozi can help with all facets of keeping your family on track. This app has family calendars, shopping lists, to-do lists, a recipe box, and more! Perk: Great Apple Watch design! (Ad-free experience with additional features comes at a cost.)

4. Creative Scrapbook
Inkflow (iOS)
This app speaks more to the creative mind, allowing you to sketch and take notes more artistically! You can export your sketches as PDFs or JPEGs. Again, you can upgrade to Inkflow Plus for a charge.

5. Digital Note Taker
Post-It Plus (iOS)
Post-It Plus allows you to easily organize and share your notes and ideas with everyone. You can snap a picture to create a digital note, share to your favorites and work across multiple devices.

$0.99 and up Apps

6. Distraction Zapper
Forest (iOS & Android)
This unique app is the cure to phone distraction. With Forest, you plant a virtual tree within the app that continues to grow the longer you leave it open. If you move away from the app to do other things, your tree will die.Try this out when you need to study for a test or complete a long task as a fun way to stay focused! Forest is $1.99.

7. Accountability Partner
Streaks (iOS)
If you’re looking to create a healthy habit or kick an old one, Streaks helps you keep track of how you’re doing. Create your own tasks for the day and track your progress. From exercise to eating habits and daily household tasks, you can use Streaks to keep your progress rolling. Streaks is $3.99 and offers a great Apple Watch design.

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