Want Job Security? Consider These 8 Careers

Want Job Security? Consider These 8 Careers

Want Job Security? Consider These 8 Careers banner

Updated: February 24, 2023

Could the job of your dreams also be a job with a steady paycheck, even when the economy is at its rockiest? Here are several exciting careers with solid job security and competitive wages:

1. Psychologist

The stigma of mental health is quickly changing, and, many now equate the mental and emotional treatments provided by psychologists to the physical concerns handled by physicians.

With this increased acceptance of psychologists comes a greater need for skilled professionals to serve in clinics, schools, and, increasingly, corporate environments. These types of psychologists benefit not only from earning their Bachelor of Science in Psychology, but also a Master of Science in Organizational Psychology.

With average job growth of 6% expected between 2021 and 2031, this position remains stable. While the Bureau of Labor Statistics reported median wages of $81,040 in 2021 for psychologists, psychologists in certain niches or work settings can exceed six figures.

2. Financial Advisor

Concerns such as taxes, retirement planning, and college savings are always relevant. Hence, the continued need for financial advisors who help people meet a variety of personal economic goals. This position sometimes resembles that of a financial analyst in which professionals provide guidance for both individuals and businesses.

According to BLS Occupational Outlook Handbook for Personal Financial Advisors, personal financial advisors can expect a job outlook of 15 percent from 2021 to 2031, must faster than average for all occupations. In 2021, these professionals earned median wages of $94,170 per year. Similarly, financial analysts are able to secure and maintain excellent jobs, as evidenced by the BLS-projected addition of nearly 30,500 financial analyst jobs by 2031. Entry-level jobs are easiest to find when equipped with a Bachelor of Science in Finance, while an MBA in Finance can produce quick promotions.

From government jobs to niche private sector positions, a variety of job opportunities allow you to maintain a stable and comfortable way of life. It’s up to you to find one that fits with your interests and natural abilities—and to secure the necessary training.

3. Tax Examiner, Tax Collector, or Revenue Agent

A variety of tax-related positions allow you to put your love of numbers into action. Tax examiners, tax collectors, and revenue agents play a critical role in promoting compliance and ensuring that tax programs run smoothly.

This BLS category spans several positions, which vary somewhat in terms of work setting and daily job duties. In general, however, these positions involve determining amounts owed, collecting, and, when needed, performing audits. As of 2021, these positions held a median annual pay of $56,780 per year. With proper training—such as a Bachelor of Science – Accounting — some tax professionals can exceed six figures in earnings.

4. Database Administrator

From social media to online shopping and even the Internet of Things, today’s digital world is dominated by data collection and analysis. This data must be carefully organized and stored—a function that database administrators fulfill. These professionals are also responsible for securing and backing up sensitive data.

BLS data suggests a promising database administrator career growth outlook of 9 percent by 2031. During this time, nearly 11,500 new jobs are expected to become available. Not only will it be relatively easy for database administrators to find work, but qualified candidates will also be able to command impressive pay. Already, this position produces median annual wages of $96,710. Often, all that is required to pursue this lucrative career is a Bachelor of Science – Computer Science.

5. Computer Network Architect

Tech trends come and go, but strong networks have long been essential—and they will continue to be crucial for the digital interactions of tomorrow. It’s no surprise then that there’s a need for network architects to build, upgrade, and maintain networks. These days, many also develop cloud infrastructure.

Given the wide range of functions network architects fulfill, there’s a variety of organizations eager to employ them. By 2031, 11,800 new jobs will become available in this field. These positions can be quite lucrative, producing a median income of $120,520 according to the BLS. A Bachelor of Science in Computer Science can provide an edge when seeking this position.

6. Information Security Analyst

A variety of cybersecurity concerns loom over today’s businesses and government agencies. These issues threaten to cause massive damage, leaving organizations desperate for experts who can quickly address breaches or, better yet, prevent them from occurring in the first place. As cybercrime becomes more prevalent and damaging, employers are more committed than ever to attracting skilled information security analysts.

BLS data reveals explosive growth in this field, which holds an astounding job outlook of 35 percent for the next decade. By 2031, experts at the BLS anticipate that nearly 19,500 new information security analysis jobs will become available above and beyond over the decade.

Not only will it be relatively easy for the information security analysts of tomorrow to find work, they can expect to earn an impressive income—especially as compared to most types of jobs that only require a bachelor’s degree. This reality is exemplified by the median annual earnings of $102,600 that information security analysts earned as of 2021. A Bachelor of Science – Computer Science is great for getting started in this field, but an MBA in Information Security/Assurance is even better for leveling up. Johnson & Wales University’s MBA – Information Security/Assurance is offered in the university’s Providence, RI campus.

7. Supervisor of Police and Detectives

Sometimes referred to as police sergeants or chiefs, these important individuals are responsible for managing patrol teams and other law enforcement officials. Their efforts promote safe neighborhoods while ensuring that all police officers behave professionally and ethically.

While employment prospects can sometimes vary for law enforcement officials at lower levels, the highest job security can often be found for supervisors, who are always needed to maintain proper protocol and streamlined operations.

Earnings vary based on the level of the position and the geographic region, but the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reports average hourly wages of $47.48. A Master of Science – Criminal Justice can hasten efforts to rise through the ranks.

8. Government Employee

One of the most versatile options for finding stable work, the government provides jobs at the federal, state, and local levels. These encompass several sectors and categories. Top examples of government jobs sought by candidates with their Master of Public Administration include:

  • Urban planning director
  • Parks and recreation director
  • Policy analyst
  • Director of economic development
  • Housing development officer
  • Human services program coordinator
  • City manager

Expected job growth and pay vary considerably from one position to the next. For example, BLS resources reveal an outlook of 4 percent and $78,500 in median annual wages for urban and regional planners.

Government employees with graduate-level credentials may have an easier time maintaining their positions or rising up the public career ladder. With the right degree, wage potential is higher than many anticipate—and benefits such as health care and retirement are notoriously impressive. These are all compelling reasons to seek positions with government agencies, but many professionals are most enticed by the service-oriented nature of their work.

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