8 Advantages of Earning Your MBA in Human Resources

8 Advantages of Earning Your MBA in Human Resources

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Why Earn an MBA in HR?

Earning a Human Resources MBA can give HR professionals more opportunities and expertise in many areas of HR such as employee relations, compensation, training, recruiting and strategy. At this level, individuals are learning in-depth information that applies to the industry they work in or wish to work in at some point in the future. Most importantly, an MBA with an HR focus can help you pursue the senior manager track, if that is one of your career goals. Consider the following advantages of this degree:

Improved pay

Higher pay is one of the most likely benefits of having a master’s degree. Those who focus their advanced degree studies in human resources are better positioned to hold upper-level positions in a company, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. In the human resource management sector, the initial salary for the lowest ten percent of earners is $76,620, while the highest ten percent have the potential to earn salaries that soar to $224,360.

Salary.com indicates that those working as a human resources manager with an MBA can earn anywhere between $115,227 and $122,967 annually.

More job opportunities

By obtaining an MBA, you’ll have numerous additional career positions available to you. Beyond an HR generalist position, you can work as an HR manager, senior HR manager, VP of operations, or an HR director. Each position offers its own set of unique opportunities and challenges, expanding the types of tasks you can do and the companies you can work with as you move forward through your career.

Play a more active leadership role

With an MBA in human resources, you’ll have more hands-on experience and in-depth knowledge of the industry, its trends, regulation changes, and improvement steps. This amounts to new opportunities for you to make a difference. With a bachelor’s degree, you may spend your time focusing on day-to-day tasks, but when you have an MBA, you’ll be in more leadership roles making key decisions for the company.

You’ll have an incredible level of insight

There are many reasons to invest in an MBA in human resources, but one of the best reasons to do so is for your own personal growth. The courses you take will be more advanced, but instead of a focus on procedures and regulations, this type of education can be more focused on understanding the trends and the reasons behind human actions. You’ll learn organizational psychology and workplace learning. You’ll learn how to help start a business and how to develop skills in other would-be human resource generalists. Your focus may be on employee development and skill improvement rather than just hiring.

Networking and Learning Opportunities with an MBA in HR

An MBA in human resources can help you meet other HR professionals who have similar interests and goals. You can network at events, online forums, and alumni groups. You can also learn from experts in your field, such as professors, speakers, and leaders. You can get insights, advice, and feedback that can improve your HR skills and knowledge. An MBA in human resources can help you grow your network of contacts and mentors who can help your career.

Stronger Understanding of Social and Ethical Concerns in the Workplace

An MBA in human resources can help you address the social and ethical issues that may arise in the workplace. You can learn how to promote diversity and inclusion, respect human rights, and comply with legal and ethical standards. You can also learn how to handle conflicts, grievances, and misconduct in a fair and professional manner. An MBA in human resources can help you create a positive and safe work environment for all employees, customers, and stakeholders.

You’ll Become More Reputable in Your Profession

You can demonstrate your trustworthiness and competence as a leader with an MBA in human resources. The reputation and accreditation of your MBA in HR program can also benefit you, as they can signal to employers and peers that you have met high standards of quality and excellence in HR education. With an MBA in human resources, you can stand out from the crowd and showcase your HR expertise and professionalism.

You gain job stability

With a higher degree, it is more likely that you will have the skills and knowledge you need to help any company with their hiring and employee management needs. This ensures you’ll have more opportunities for future job stability even if economic conditions fail. And, within a company, it also means you’ll be more valuable.

Ultimately, furthering your education is always a benefit not only to the company you are working with, but also to your own self-development. You become more valuable to your employer and, in some cases, you may even want to start your own human resource consulting business after obtaining your MBA. The depth of knowledge and experience you have makes you able to earn more, influence more, and influence the development and structure of the human resource department. If you enjoy working with people and helping them reach their ultimate career goals, an MBA is a wise decision.

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