What is a DBA Degree (and Why Should You Earn One)?

What is a DBA Degree (and Why Should You Earn One)?

What is a DBA Degree (and Why Should You Earn One)? banner

For business professionals who are looking to give themselves a competitive edge, an advanced degree can provide an in-depth exploration of topics and methods. At Johnson & Wales University, the Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) degree focuses on organizational development and allows students to expand their knowledge and leadership practices.

What Is a DBA Degree?

A Doctor of Business Administration degree is awarded to students who have advanced the study of business administration. This is a doctoral degree designed for business professionals, providing both scholarly and practical knowledge about the business world as well as opportunities to apply this knowledge. It is different than a Ph.D. in its overall focus and application. A Ph.D. in Business is designed primarily for research and academics. Since most DBA students are working in the field, many will immediately begin applying what they are learning in the classroom within their organizations.

This is a multidisciplinary degree option. While most DBA programs will cover the same core business topics, they also have specific focuses that students can choose from to target their education. Students may choose to study financial management, technology, marketing, project management, or other areas of business to fine-tune their education—in effect, customizing it to their ultimate career goals.

How Long Does It Take to Earn a DBA Degree?

In general, most students will spend three to six years in their DBA program. The number of classes taken in each term will determine how quickly they can graduate with their degree. Since most who pursue this degree are already working, they often find that they are limited in how many credits they can take each semester. Online programs can provide some flexibility to make it easier to finish the degree faster.

What Can I Do with a Doctorate in Business Administration?

Earning a Doctor of Business Administration degree provides several benefits. This degree prepares a student for high-level leadership roles within an organization. C-level executives often carry a doctoral degree, and many will opt for the DBA track to provide the hands-on experience in the workforce that can help them make lasting change within their organizations.

Students who graduate with a DBA degree have a number of potential job opportunities at their disposal. Some of the more common roles these professionals will fulfill include:

C-Level Executive

C-level executives, such as CEOs and CFOs, often need advanced training. These professionals oversee the operations of their organizations. The Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates that these professionals earn $184,460 a year. Those with a doctoral degree are more likely to end up in the top 10%, earning $208,000 or more a year.

Market Research Analyst

Understanding your target market and how to reach them is an essential part of running a successful business. A market research analyst leads the research into the target market for an organization. These professionals make an average of $163,959 according to Salary.com.

Management Consultants or Analysts

These managers study how to help a business be more financially stable and increase profits through many different changes within their operations. These professionals need to have a big picture view of the organization and what its goals are, so they can provide accurate advice. Though the average salary for a management analyst is lower than some of the other roles, coming in at $85,260, the growth for this field is expected to be 11% to 2029, which is much faster than average.

These are just some of the career opportunities available to those who have a DBA degree, and many students who choose to pursue this education will already be working in one of these fields, but have a desire to expand their knowledge to better serve their organizations and move farther up the career path.

Why Should I Earn a DBA Degree?

For business professionals, a DBA degree is a powerful tool to help them excel in their fields. If you are already in your career but want to give yourself a deeper knowledge of business operations and how it reflects on your organization, pursuing a DBA is a wise choice. Some additional benefits of this degree include:

A Competitive Edge

Business professionals who are considering looking for advancement and promotions need a competitive edge. The number of people who have an MBA or some other type of graduate degree in business continues to grow year after year. While an impressive resume is essential, having an advanced degree can really help you stand out when applying in a crowded field.

Improved Salary and Compensation Opportunities

Having a DBA gives you advanced training in business. You will be given the skills in your studies to make strategic plans for your organization. When you are able to improve outcomes for your company, you are often given the chance for better compensation. Often, successful business leaders receive bigger bonuses and improved benefits packages as a reward for their impact on the business.

More Success in Your Work

Ultimately, achieving a DBA can help you be more successful in business. You will gain a deeper understanding of business topics, which you can put to work in a practical way in your day-to-day business. This can be intrinsically rewarding as you are able to formulate more successful solutions to practical problems, leading to greater professional success and success for your organization as a whole.

The DBA is the highest educational degree available to business administration professionals. If you are serious about taking your career to the next level, it could be a good fit.

JWU offers an online DBA degree that can give you flexibility while you pursue this additional training. For more information about these DBA programs, complete the Request Info form, call 855-JWU-1881, or email [email protected].

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