What is Leadership?

What is Leadership?

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Leadership takes many forms and yet it is easy to recognize when you experience it. Whether you are aspiring to be a leader or already in a position of influence, these quotes from our faculty are sure to inspire you along your journey. Plus, the images are easily ‘pinnable’ (just click the red Pinterest button in the top left corner) so that you can save your favorite.

Leadership is ‘other-centered.’ It’s working to bring out the best in the people who believe and trust in you. It’s putting their needs before your own.

— Anice O’Connor, Ph.D., professor and academic director of online programs

Leadership is the opportunity to create a transformational environment that supports each member of the group through positive influence.

— Louis Pullano, professor

Leadership is the awareness of current realities and limitless potential of individuals to learn, commit, and live according to conscience, imagination, passion, and innate talents. It’s an upward spiral of growth that requires trust in self, risk-taking, and integrity. The result is an evolution of identity, an increase of power, and a deeper conviction of the potential for greatness in self and others. A natural outcome is an abundance mentality and unlearning the fixed mindset; we care more for others and want them to succeed for their own sake. Support and accountability replace controlling behaviors.

— John Krupa, Jr., D.B.A., professor

Leadership is the act of facilitating the very best in those around you (and yourself!).

— Eric Grulke, Ph.D.

Leadership is a combination of both academic and practical knowledge that inspires, shapes, and guides the future path of the organization.

— Brandy Blount, Ph.D., professor

Leadership is the ability to clearly articulate the goals and mission of the group and provide the guidance and motivation to accomplish them.Then, step back and allow the team members to utilize their individual skills and abilities to reach success. Many leaders understand the first aspects of this process…. the great ones can step back and trust their people.

— Murray Widener, D.P.A., professor

Leadership is the sum total of many diverse parts — some of which include: vision, creativity, inspiration, risk taking, confidence, compassion — but, more succinctly, leadership requires a passion for demonstrating to others that they are better than they may give themselves credit for, and can therefore, together, accomplish things they didn’t before believe possible.

— Karen Silva, Ed.D., professor and chairperson of graduate programs in the JWU College of Business

Leadership is creating an environment that allows and assists others to pursue and achieve their professional goals and treating others with professionalism, respect, and dignity. Often the boundaries of work and activities become rigid. I have found the best leaders to be those who encourage creativity and who give others the freedom to succeed and experiment and provides an environment in which to facilitate that growth.

— Paul R. Edleman, Ph.D., professor

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