Employers today see the need to invest in the professional development of its employees to retain its workforce and respond to industry changes. However, busy professionals can find it difficult to balance the time commitments needed to pursue a full-time degree program. At Johnson & Wales University College of Professional Studies (CPS), we understand that we must meet the needs or the adult learner where they are. We bridge the gap for our learners through our Corporate Education Partnership degree program offerings, as well as JWUpro, our newly-developed online training division for individuals and organizations.


Our Corporate Education Partnership program delivers our 100-percent online education to employees within our corporate partnership network, giving them the ability to earn the education and skills needed for an ever-changing work environment at their own pace. We deliver our world-renowned education to employees within organizations known locally and nationally.

We leverage our relationships with employers to develop opportunities for employees to obtain the education and expertise needed to advance their career. At JWU CPS, we provide accommodating, relevant, and affordable programs for employees so they can reach their personal educational goals.


With the changing landscape of higher education and the economy, today’s adult learner wants more opportunities for professional development and career advancement, but may lack the financial capacity and the dedicated time commitment needed to pursue a traditional degree program. JWUpro offers an alternative option, with custom corporate training and other non-credit series offerings to give people the chance to upskill and optimize career opportunities at their own pace.

JWUpro offers professional training designed in collaboration with your organization to develop your employees’ competencies and give them the knowledge needed to succeed in your company.

For individuals, we offer online learning modules developed in partnership with industry experts and university faculty to allow individuals to learn in areas to their needs on their own time and without the commitment to a degree program. 

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