10 Careers You Can Pursue with a Certificate

10 Careers You Can Pursue with a Certificate

10 Careers You Can Pursue with a Certificate banner

Johnson & Wales University’s College of Professional Studies (CPS) is here to help you get the skills and certifications you need for the career you want. In addition to our online degree programs offered, JWU CPS offers a variety of certificate programs to meet the needs of online students.

Certificate programs at JWU are designed for those who are busy working—just like you. Whether you already have a degree and want to concentrate on a specific skill, learn more about a new career, get certifications for your current job, or expand your career, JWU offers what you need to succeed.

Certificate vs. Bachelor’s Degree

Those who choose to pursue a college education typically choose to earn either a bachelor’s or professional certificate. While the ultimate goal of both the degree and certificate program is similar, the curriculum’s depth, requirements, cost, and format are quite different.

The biggest difference between earning a certificate vs. a bachelor’s degree is that, with a certificate, students can take advanced classes in a shorter time frame and lower cost.

While both programs are sound educational choices, there are definitely quite different approaches for certifications vs. degrees. The choice depends on what each student is looking for and what they hope to accomplish with their course of study.

Since most people understand the different types of degree programs, now is a good time to learn more about the wonderful opportunities certificate programs offer.

Why Earn a Certificate?

Certificate programs at JWU’s College of Professional Studies were created to help just about anyone looking to gain knowledge of a subject, industry, or profession. Whether you want to earn a professional certification to increase skills for a particular industry or already have a degree and want to explore advanced certificate options, certificate programs at JWU allow students to acquire the industry skills needed to excel.

How to Choose a Certificate Program and University

Once you have decided that a certificate program is right for you, it is time to decide which university and certificate program best suits your needs. Here are some things to consider when choosing a certificate program.

  • Have a clear vision of what you want to accomplish with your certificate.
  • Choose a certificate program based on your interests.
  • Know the time and effort required to obtain the certifications desired.
  • Be aware of tracks for any future certifications needed to reach your goal.

In addition, when deciding on a university for your certificate program, it is essential to choose an accredited school. Attending a University without accreditation may leave you without the necessary credentials you need for your chosen profession.

Your ability to attend the classes is crucial, so a flexible class structure might be something you want to consider.

Consider a university, like JWU College of Professional Studies, that offers the learning flexibility and convenience you need to complete your certificate program on your schedule.

Certificate Programs at JWU’s College of Professional Studies

Johnson & Wales University’s College of Professional Studies offers both micro-certificate and certificates across a number of concentrations. Consider these areas of learning when choosing a certificate program from JWU CPS:

Graduate Certificate

  • Hospitality

Graduate Micro-Certificate

  • Operations & Supply Chain Management
  • Sports Nutrition

Undergraduate Micro-Certificate

  • Accounting
  • Business Communication
  • Food Compliance
  • Foundational Operations & Supply Chain Management
  • Foundations of Retail Management
  • Technical Writing and Editing
  • Visual Merchandising

What Careers Require a Professional Certificate to Excel?

Professional certificates are in high demand in today’s competitive workplace. For those with or without degrees, the right certification and education can make all the difference to land a job, earn a promotion, and excel in high-income industries. With that in mind, here’s a list of 10 career opportunities you could pursue with the right certificate program:

10 Careers to Pursue with a Certificate from an Accredited University

1. Operations Manager

Expand your knowledge in effective business practices and methodologies with a micro certificate in Operations & Supply Chain Management. This certificate provides courses that will strengthen your leadership skills and gain a stronger understanding of operations management.

2. Healthy Lifestyle Coordinator

Our graduate micro-certificate in Sports Nutrition can provide you with the foundations of nutrition for those who are looking for a career as a healthy lifestyle coordinator.

3. Technical Writer

Effective communicators can enhance their writing and communication skills with an undergraduate micro-certificate in Technical Writing and Editing. Learn to write clear instructions and convey complex information via manuals, guides, and operating instructions for the workplace. Perfect your technical writing and editing skills for a successful career as a technical writer.

4. Sports Nutritionist

The graduate micro-certificate in Sports Nutrition teaches students about the science behind diet as it impacts sports training, endurance, health in sports, exercise physiology, best nutrition practices, and more. It is created for students with a degree in nutrition, dietetics, or a related field.

5. Hospitality Resort Management

Advance your career with a graduate certificate in Hospitality Management. Become an effective resort manager with your certification that gives you the skills, insight, and strategies needed to lead the world’s top resorts and hotels.

6. Assistant Store Manager

Those who aspire to explore careers in retail management should consider our undergraduate micro-certificate in Foundations of Retail Management. Our program provides students with the groundwork for understanding and implementing management best practices in the retail industry.

7. Cafeteria Manager

JWU CPS offers an undergraduate micro-certificate in Food Compliance for those who want leadership roles in the food industry. Learn to meet food-compliance standards and environmental sanitation efforts. Students will learn to understand and implement the FDA Model Food Code in a restaurant simulation in preparation for management positions in food compliance in everything from exclusive restaurants to healthcare cafeterias.

8. Accounting Supervisor

Students with an interest in foundational business skills will benefit from an undergraduate micro-certificate in Accounting from Johnson & Wales. Explore the basic principles, practices, and theories of financial accounting. Also, learn how businesses use this financial information for planning, controlling, and decision-making purposes with topics like budget preparation, auditing, accounting software, and tax preparation.

9. Retail Merchandiser

With an undergraduate micro-certificate in Visual Merchandising, you’ll explore a variety of foundational elements to explore a career as a retail merchandiser. Students in JWU’s College of Professional Studies visual merchandising micro-certificate learn about effective visual branding and marketing, as well as the latest trends in fashion merchandising. Interested in a bachelor’s degree? Explore our bachelor’s degree in Fashion Merchandising & Retailing.

10. Communications Specialist

With an undergraduate micro-certificate in Business Communication, you will learn to master this important skill needed in all areas of business. Students learn to deliver clear, concise, and convincing messaging to advance initiatives and projects in the business world. You’ll also participate in writing workshops to sharpen your critical thinking and problem-solving skills.

Johnson & Wales University Has the Perfect Certificate Program for Your Career

What are you waiting for? Now is the perfect time to earn your certificate from JWU. Check out our certificate programs to find the right one for you and get started today. For more information, complete the Request Info form, call 855-JWU-1881, or email [email protected].

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