10 Reasons to Study Business in Today’s Changing World

10 Reasons to Study Business in Today’s Changing World

10 Reasons to Study Business in Today’s Changing World banner

Planning on going to college but undecided on what you want to study? If so, then you may want to consider a business degree. Whether you end up going into a business-specific career or not, having a solid understanding of business fundamentals can serve you well across a variety of industries.

So, why study business? Explore some of the many benefits of studying business in a changing world, then consider whether a degree in business studies or a related field may be right for you.

Benefits for Your Career

Why study business? For starters, there are many ways in which a formal education in business can help you grow and advance your career. From unlocking potential new job opportunities to enhancing your leadership skills, the right business program could help you gain the foundational knowledge and skills that you need to achieve your professional goals.

1. Unlock Doors to Diverse Opportunities

Having a solid background in business and an understanding of how businesses work could help you open new work opportunities that might not otherwise be accessible with another type of degree. In fact, there are many sectors outside of the business world where business school graduates have been known to thrive, including:

  • Finance
  • Healthcare
  • Nonprofit
  • Tech

In addition to the formal knowledge and skills that you can apply directly to other work opportunities, having a background in business can also provide you with the unique networking opportunities that make it possible for you to grow and advance your career. Through the professional networking skills you learn as part of your business program, you can establish and grow your own robust professional network. This may make it easier for you to find a job in your respective field after graduation.

2. Master the Skills Employers Crave

Completing a business degree program can also help you build upon the essential skills that today’s employers are looking for, even outside the ‘typical’ business realm. No matter where you may find yourself wanting to work down the road, having a background in business will expose you to the so-called “power skills” that are useful across all industries.

Some examples of these skills include problem-solving, critical thinking, data literacy, and communication skills that can help you perform your work better and with more confidence. Whether you study business management, business administration, or a more general business studies curriculum, you’ll have the opportunity to practice and expand upon these critical skills that you can then apply to your future work.

3. Ignite Your Entrepreneurial Spirit

Even if you don’t currently have plans to open your own business or create a world-changing invention, having a solid foundation in business could help you develop that innovative and proactive mindset. That kind of mindset is valued by all types of businesses and organizations. Meanwhile, should you decide to tackle your own business venture down the road, you’ll be well-equipped with the skills and knowledge you need to carry out your ideas and dreams.

4. Become a Leader Worth Following

Business programs are specifically designed to foster teamwork, communication, and conflict-resolution skills among students. These are skills that become extremely valuable when applied to real-world experiences. This is especially true for those who may ultimately want to pursue management or other leadership roles. With the leadership skills you develop while in business school, you may be better prepared to lead real teams in your future career. This may be especially true if you pursue courses in business management, which may cover more specific leadership and managerial skills that can be applied to a wide range of industries.

Benefits of Business Studies for Navigating the Future

In addition to helping you achieve your career and professional goals, studying business could also help you prepare for and navigate the future. This ultimately provides a plethora of reasons to study business. No matter what industry you end up working in, the reality is that technologies and innovations are constantly changing. With a background in business, you’ll be prepared to handle the changes that lie ahead while thinking like a global citizen.

5. Embrace the Tech Revolution

While artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning are hardly new, they have been applied and adopted in a lot of novel ways in recent years. Likewise, AI and machine learning technologies have developed and advanced significantly over the course of just the past few years.

Today, you’d be hard-pressed to find an industry that hasn’t been affected by this technology in some way. AI, automation, and machine learning are very much shaping every business function. So, having a background in business can go a long way toward helping you adapt to these evolving technologies, embrace them, and even use them to your advantage.

6. Collaborate Across Borders

There’s no denying that the business world has become increasingly dependent on collaboration across borders. Today, having a strong background in business studies can empower you to develop your own sense of cultural awareness as well as the skills needed to excel in virtual teams worldwide. By being able to collaborate and work with other professionals across different backgrounds, cultures, and walks of life, you’ll be positioned to make a real difference in your chosen field. Similarly, because more business programs are now offering online courses with a virtual component, this gives you the opportunity to grow accustomed to collaboration platforms you may use in your future work. Said future work may consist of video conferencing and other asynchronous collaboration tools.

7. Master Data-Driven Decisions

Today, businesses are also collecting and analyzing more data than ever before. Of course, being able to make sense of that data isn’t always easy. This is where having experience in gathering, analyzing, and using data to make informed choices can be so useful. With a background in business school, these are topics you’ll be likely to cover in your coursework. As a result, you’ll be able to master data-driven decision-making with confidence to make informed choices and solve problems.

8. Think Like a Global Citizen

Today’s business world has become increasingly interconnected, which is why it has become so integral to actually think like a global citizen and understand the potential worldwide impact of decisions made. With this in mind, there is enormous value in understanding the interconnected business world and the impact of international events on operations, all of which can be covered in a business program.

Benefits Beyond the Boardroom

In addition to professional and career benefits that come along with studying business, there are also some potential advantages beyond being in the boardroom as an executive. This includes the ability to sharpen your own competitive edge with a business degree as well as empowering your personal growth with a well-rounded education.

9. Sharpen Your Competitive Edge

For starters, having a business degree under your belt can help you be a more competitive candidate in today’s job market. This remains true whether you’re pursuing a job in a business-related field or in a completely unrelated industry. By having a business degree, you’re demonstrating to potential employers that you have valuable knowledge that extends beyond the specific role for which you’re applying.

This can ultimately help set your resume apart from others who may have non-business degrees. As a result, you may have an easier time putting your degree to use to qualify for a diverse range of job postings.

10. Empower Your Personal Growth

Studying business can also allow you to work on skills that can be transferable to just about any job, such as:

  • Decision-making
  • Financial literacy
  • Leadership
  • Communication

In many ways, a business degree can empower you to gain a better-rounded understanding of how the world works in a way that other types of degrees simply cannot. This is especially true when it comes to teaching financial literacy skills, which can be valuable not just in your professional life but in dealing with personal finance as well.

Pursue Your Path in Business at JWU

In today’s competitive job market, a strong foundation in business is essential for success across various industries and career paths. Whether you aspire to work in finance, marketing, management, or any other field, a solid understanding of business principles equips you with the necessary skills to excel and advance in your chosen profession. With a comprehensive business education, you’ll be prepared to tackle diverse challenges and seize opportunities, positioning yourself for entry-level roles and beyond in a wide range of organizational settings.

Looking for the right business program for you? The benefits of studying business are truly endless. Johnson & Wales University is proud to offer an online bachelor’s in Business Studies that can be completed in as little as two years for those who already have an associate degree or equivalent (60 credits). This career-focused program is available in a convenient 100% online format that covers everything from business administration and professional communication to ethical business practices and more.

For more information about completing your degree online, complete the Request Info form, call 855-JWU-1881, or email [email protected].

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