Wildcat Alumni Scholarship

Advancing Alumni Education with a 25% Tuition Scholarship to Over 40 Eligible Programs

Johnson & Wales is proud to offer the Wildcat Alumni Scholarship for all JWU bachelor’s degree holders from any JWU campus. Applicants who gain admission to eligible programs will automatically be considered for a 25% tuition scholarship. The Wildcat Alumni Scholarship applies to eligible enrolled students beginning with the Fall 2022 term.

Whether you are a recent graduate or earned your JWU degree many years ago, our Wildcat Alumni Scholarship allows you an affordable opportunity to advance your education. This scholarship aligns with our mission to develop a foundation for lifelong learning for our students, and we thank you for your investment in a Johnson & Wales education and joining an alumni network with more than 120,000 graduates. Take the next step in your academic career with JWU in professionally-focused programs that are also flexible and affordable by submitting your application today!

Upon acceptance to the eligible program, applicants will receive a letter indicating the applicable tuition scholarship. If a student is offered other scholarships or grant aid from the university, the scholarship of the highest value will be applied to their program.

Eligible Programs


Master of Arts in Teaching (MAT)

Program NameAcademic CollegeLocation(s)
MAT – TeachingArts & SciencesProvidence

Master of Business Administration (MBA)

Program NameAcademic CollegeLocation(s)
MBABusinessOnline  |  Providence
MBA – AccountingBusinessOnline  |  Providence
MBA – Event LeadershipBusiness/Hospitality ManagementOnline  |  Providence
MBA – FinanceBusinessOnline  |  Providence
MBA – Global Fashion Merchandising & ManagementBusinessOnline  |  Providence
MBA – HospitalityBusiness/Hospitality ManagementOnline  |  Providence
MBA – Human Resources ManagementBusinessOnline  |  Providence
MBA – Information Security/AssuranceBusiness/Engineering & DesignProvidence
MBA – Information TechnologyBusiness/Engineering & DesignProvidence
MBA – International Beverage ManagementBusinessOnline  |  Providence
MBA – MarketingBusinessOnline  |  Providence
MBA – Nonprofit ManagementBusinessOnline  |  Providence
MBA – One Year ProgramBusinessOnline  |  Providence
MBA – Operations and Supply Chain ManagementBusinessOnline  |  Providence
MBA – Organizational LeadershipBusiness/Arts & SciencesOnline  |  Providence
MBA – Organizational PsychologyBusiness/Arts & SciencesOnline  |  Providence
MBA – Project ManagementBusiness/Engineering & DesignOnline  |  Providence
MBA – Sport LeadershipBusiness/Hospitality ManagementOnline  |  Providence

Master of Education (M.Ed.)

Program NameAcademic CollegeLocation(s)
M.Ed. – Teaching and LearningArts & SciencesProvidence

Master of Public Administration (MPA)

Program NameAcademic CollegeLocation(s)
MPAArts & SciencesOnline
MPA – Criminal JusticeArts & SciencesOnline
MPA – Homeland SecurityArts & SciencesOnline
MPA – Human Resources ManagementBusiness/Arts & SciencesOnline
MPA – Nonprofit ManagementArts & SciencesOnline

Master of Public Health (MPH)

Program NameAcademic CollegeLocation(s)
MPHHealth & WellnessProvidence

Master of Science (MS)

Program NameAcademic CollegeLocation(s)
MS – Addiction CounselingArts & SciencesProvidence
MS – Clinical Mental Health CounselingArts & SciencesProvidence
MS – Criminal JusticeArts & SciencesOnline  |  Providence
MS – CybersecurityArts & SciencesProvidence
MS – Data AnalyticsEngineering & DesignOnline  |  Providence
MS – FinanceBusinessOnline  |  Providence
MS – Food Innovation & TechnologyFood Innovation & TechnologyProvidence
MS – Food SafetyFood Innovation & TechnologyOnline
MS – Global Tourism and Sustainable Economic DevelopmentHospitality ManagementProvidence
MS – Hospitality ManagementHospitality ManagementOnline
MS – Human Resource ManagementBusinessOnline  |  Providence
MS – Nonprofit ManagementBusinessOnline
MS – NutritionHealth & WellnessOnline
MS – Operations & Project ManagementBusiness/Engineering & DesignOnline
MS – Organizational PsychologyArts & SciencesOnline


Doctor of Business Administration (DBA)

Program NameAcademic CollegeLocation(s)
DBA – Organization DevelopmentBusinessOnline

Doctor of Education (Ed.D.)

Program NameAcademic CollegeLocation(s)
Ed.D. – Educational LeadershipArts & SciencesProvidence

Occupational Therapy Doctorate (OTD)

Program NameAcademic CollegeLocation(s)
Occupational Therapy DoctorateHealth & WellnessProvidence