Earning Your Degree Online: What’s Your ‘Why?’

Earning Your Degree Online: What’s Your ‘Why?’

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Fall semester is a great time to remind yourself why you started your degree program in the first place. Maybe it was to earn a promotion, to set a good example for your kids, or to just finish the degree you started a long time ago.

We asked our students to share their ‘why’—who (or what) motivated them to earn their degree. Here’s what they said:

“To advance in my career! Enrolling online at JWU afforded me the opportunity to work full-time and earn my degree.” Corey Martin, BSBA – Management

“So I’ll have bragging rights and a master’s degree!” Susan Hadley Stephenson, MS – Hospitality Management

“So they can call me ‘doctor.’” Ashley Cunningham, MBA – Organizational Psychology

“For my family and my self-confidence.” Heather Easton, MBA – Finance

“I want the best career for myself!” Emily Kessel, BS – Hotel & Lodging Management

“For my family and my legacy!” Danielle Classey Shirley, BS – Business Studies

“To learn as much as I can about my field.” Annie Shalvey, MBA – Executive Communication

“So I can motivate other people with special needs to go to college and finish, as well as go into the business world and start a business for themselves.” Lawrence Seiler, BS – Advertising & Marketing Communications

What’s your ‘why?’ We can help you jump-start your journey! For more information about enrolling at JWU , complete the Request Info form, call 855-JWU-1881, or email [email protected].